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Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries

Faith Talk

How Bad Do You Want It?

How bad do you want your dreams, your vision, your passion? Only you know the answer. No one can answer that question for you. Don't listen to the lies of the enemy saying you're too old. You don't have enough money. Your vision isn't important. Your passion doesn't mean anything. Who cares about your ideas? Don't listen to him. What difference does it matter what he thinks anyway? Only what God gave you matters! Only the voice of God matters! So whatever God has spoken to you to have, GO GET IT!

Be Kind

Everyone has a story to tell. It does not matter what our background may be, ‚Äčwe all have a few things in common. The need to be loved, respected, and valued is universal. We all experience difficulties and setbacks periodically. And it is not necessarily any fault of our own. It is called Life. Stuff happens. But we know that it is only God's grace that keeps us daily. A kind word, offered prayer, a hug, or even a listening ear are all acts of kindness that will minister to a person's spirit as they face life's challenges. So be kind.

Focus on Things Eternal

Thank you, Father God. We embrace everything you have planned for us this day. We know that your plans for us are good. Help us to live our lives not fearful because of what is happening around us. Help us to focus and fix our eyes on things eternal. We know that those things that are temporal will fade away. Thank you for the assurance that our trust and hope in you is everlasting.

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